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The C.O.R.E. Journey operates under The Rock Ministries Group, Inc. a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (See Origins and Evolution of C.O.R.E. page for more info).

The 100% Rule

In mid-late 2011, the Leadership Team of The Rock Ministries Group felt like Jesus was adding a central theme to the mission and culture of The Rock and each of the divisions it operates. The theme was simple:

Remove any and all barriers that hinder people from experiencing what God does in these unique environments.

One of the key barriers was, and is, finances. We recognize that there’s a lot of baggage associated with money, ministries, and non-profit organizations. And we recognize that baggage creates some pretty big barriers for people in terms of giving or donating to a non-profit organization.

In response, we implemented the 100% Rule and made a bold promise to donors: That 100% of all their donations would go directly to cover the hard costs of an individual’s participation in the ministries offered by The Rock Ministries Group. So, a true 100% goes to directly impacting an individual.

Foundations, sponsors, and private donors cover our operating costs. Everything from staff salaries to office rent and supplies is funded through other sources. This allows us to continue using 100% of general contributions to impact people…and not cover things like bricks and mortar, gear and equipment, etc.

So, 100% of your donation will directly fund the costs associated with someone experiencing Jesus in transformational ways through the ministries of The Rock.

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