We are often asked “What’s the cost of participating in The C.O.R.E. Journey?”

The answer requires a little background. 

In mid-late 2011, the Leadership Team of The Rock Ministries Group felt like Jesus was adding a central theme to the mission and culture of The Rock and each of the ministries under it.  The theme was simple:

Remove any and all barriers that hinder people from experiencing what God does in these unique environments.

One of the key barriers was, and is, finances.  Both in the cost associated with participating and in the barriers that people experience in giving or donating to a non-profit organization. So, in the Fall of 2011 the Leadership Team did two things:

1. Removed the cost of associated with participating in each of the ministries of The Rock (in this case, The C.O.R.E. Journey)
2. Implemented the 100% Rule (which you can read more about here: Donations)

In response, people often ask "So, The C.O.R.E. Journey is free if I am willing to commit?"

The answer is yes...and no.

The C.O.R.E. Journey is offered without cost to any man or woman who is willing to commit…without the expectation or obligation of financial contribution.

However, while there is not a financial cost for C.O.R.E. in terms of tuition, participating in C.O.R.E. is a serious commitment…it will cost you something.  You will be taken outside of your comfort zone and challenged emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  After all, transformation, growth, and intimacy occur outside of our comfort zones.

In other words, while there is not a financial cost, you will invest time and you will be challenged to engage in ways you may have never experienced before.

The amazing part is that regardless of where you are, God has more for you than you could ever imagine.

Women's CORE Team 3 River Trip - The MOART